JSC "UZNEFTEGAZMASH" has more than 60 years experience in manufacture tube-housing Heat exchangers and Evaporators. Tube- housing Heat exchangers are designed for heating, cooling, condensation and evaporation of liquid, gas, steam and their mixtures in oil, oil processing, chemical, gas and other branches of industry.
JSC "UZNEFTEGAZMASH" brings manufacturing of Heat exchangers of following types:
  • with fixed tube sheets (type "H");
  • with temperature compensators on the housing (type "K");
  • with floating Head (type "П");
  • with "U" shaped tubes (type "Y");
  • with double-tube sheet;
  • evaporating with natural and forced circulation.
Apparatus can be designed under Standard execution and by individual Technical Projects also.
All types of carbon and stainless steels and titanium alloys also are used in apparatus manufacture. Apparatus may be produced under International and Republic of Uzbekistan Standards.
Evaporating apparatus are designed for concentrated water solutions in mineral salt production, organic semi products and manures, protein-vitamin concentrates, food yeast and other products, for regeneration of different solutions in order to return to technological cycle and thermo- degreasing of industrial effluents also.


The Plant make calculation, design, and production of mass-exchange units for alcohol, chemical, oil-chemical branches, and ecological gas cleaning units, too.
Column type apparatus are executed with Standard and non-Standard types of internal assessories, they may be equipped with outer or inserted heat exchange elements & jib-crane.
Column type apparatus are produced as all-welded or from different blocks, depending from terms of transportation and installation. In this case heat treatment is provided..


Vessel type steel welded apparatus are designed for receipt, storage and issue liquid and gaseous products under excess pressure and vacuum.
JSC "UZNEFTEGAZMASH" has all opportunities to manufacture different equipment of Vessel types for following production:
  • oil and gas production;
  • oil and gas processing;
  • chemistry and petroleum chemistry;
  • power generation;
  • food technologies.


Bead forming 1AB3, 2АВЗД end Horizontal 2АВГ, with low flow ABM (horizontal and vertical).
All apparatus are produced for pressure – up to 6,3 MPa.
At present time FDU – 75 (up to pressure 7,5 MPa) and АВГ -160 (up to pressure 16,0 MPa) are at the stage of developing.
Are intended for cooling and condensation of gaseous, steam and liquid mediums in oil refinery, oil and chemical, and others branches of industry.
Apparatus possesses hot air recirculation system, which allows to provide more exact technological parameters in large air temperature interval and to prevent the Product overcooling.  


JSC “UZNEFTEGAZMASH” makes up design, calculation and manufacturing of Separators and Filters of different types used foe separation : 
  • Two Phased systems : Gas – liquid, Gas – hard particle, Liquid – hard particle, Hard – light liquid. 
  • Three Phased systems Gas – hard – light liquid, Gas – liquid – hard particle.
Equipment for separation, produced by JSC “OIL GAS AND CHEMICAL MASHINERY PLANT” is used for preliminary cleaning and protection from volley effluent, intermediate and final cleaning and as Separators and Filters.
The enterprise produces Separators and Separation for grinding and shutters types with centrifugal action.
Separation type of equipment produced by JSC “OIL GAS AND CHEMICAL MASHINERY PLANT” has well proved itself at the oil and gas, chemical, food and other branches as in the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad also.


Turbo compressors are designed for compression and suction of air and non-corrosive gases. These machines are suitable for operation in chemical, metallurgical, chemical-recovery carbonization, yeast and sugar manufactures, power stations, industrial ventilation systems, pneumatic transport sets, cleaning systems and so on. Turbo compressors are of simplicity design and reliable in maintenance.
Delivery of Spare Parts and service are provided.


  • Vacuum liquid-packed ring pumps «ВВН»
  • Pump unit "НЦСГА" and "К" types
  • Pump unit "Д" and "Х" types
  • Pump unit "НФГ" types


Swing-machine is an individual drive of borehole pump and is intended for mechanical oil production.
In accordance with the neccecity of introduction of import changeable production at the Republic of Uzbekistan enterprises, OJSC “Uzbekchimmash Plant” has developed manufacturing and issue of Swing-machines
  • CK UZ-12-3,0-5600 with loading to hole packer stock of not more than 80 kH
  • CK UZ-10-3,0-5600 with loading to hole packer stock of not more than 80 kH
  • CK UZ-8-3,5-4000 with loading to hole packer stock of not more than 80 kH,
  • CK UZ-6-2,1-2800 with loading to hole packer stock of not more than 60 kH.
Mud gas degassers “Kaskad 40”
  • Serve for degassing drilling agents in the process of showings of oil and gas elimination under well drilling.
  • Usage – in oil and gas industry.
Vibrosieve VS-1
  • Serve for separation and removing solid particles from drilling agent.
  • Usage – in oil and gas industry
  • Spare parts for pump УНБ-600 type
    • Piston rod with nut and lock-nut
    • Slider rod -4066.53.514
    • Crosshead pin
    • Upper crosshead slide
    • Lower crosshead slide
    • Crosshead cover strap
    • Cast iron bush for connecting rod
    • Cover plate for hydraulic box
    • Splinned bush of cardan shaft        
  • Spare parts for pump 9Т
    • Piston rod with nut and lock-nut
  • Spare parts for pump НБ-125 (9МГР)
    • Piston rod with nut and lock-nut
  • Spare parts for swivel УВ-250                   
    • Alimentary pipe
    • Bush 4066.46.037-1
    • Spare parts for hoist ЛБУ-1200
    • Tightening screw
    • Bandage for friction spool
    • Tape
  • Spare parts for mud hopper МГ2-4Х
    • Left / right blades
    • Packing box 2МГ2-4Х 02.-00-04
    • Shaft МГ2-4Х.03.00.02
    • Pulley МГ2-4Х.03.00.02
    • Gear wheel Z-13, Z-14 МГ2-4Х.03.00.03.
    • Seal МГ2-4Х.02.00.07
    • Toothed wheel Z-47, Z-50 МГ2-4Х 00.00.023
    • Bearing case large
    • Bearing case small
    • More than 20 types of pistons for drill pumps;
    • More than 10 types of valves for drill pumps;
    • 2 types of swivels for pneumatic air main of drilling rig;
Other types of spare parts including more than 100 types of rubber goods for oilfield equipment.


  • Kitchen appliances in assortment
  • Infrared gas burner ГГИИВ-3,65 type
  • Domestic gas cylinders

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