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Stock company “Uzneftegazmash” is one of the key subdivision of NHC “Uzbekneftegaz” enabled in realization of the Program of localization and inter-branch cooperation.

The basic activity of Stock company “Uzneftegazmash” is manufacturing of machinery production including main types of equipment for gas and oil producing enterprises. The head enterprise is – JSC “Oil,Gas and Chemical Machineri Plant”.

Stock company “Uzneftegazmash” is supplier of different equipment and spare parts for “Mubarekneftegas”, “Shurtanneftegas”, “Bukhara refinery”, “Fergana refinery”, and related enterprises – “Navoiazot”, Navoi and Almalyk Mining-Metallurgical Complexes, JSC “Maxam-Chirchik” and others.

Engineering department developed series of equipment items. Today, Air heat exchangers operates at “Alan” gas field, Gas preparation units operates at “Dengizkul” and “Surgil” gas fields, Large-dimensioned adsorbers operates for “Kungrad” gas dewatering plant. Heat exchangers and air heat exchangers, operates for compensation retiring capacities of desulfurization sets of “Mubarek gas processing plant”.

Also Developed producing of Line oil heater PP 063, Derricks, Rig bases, Mud gas separator with electric pump as a unit, several modifications of Pumping units with reducers.

For providing domestic gas to the out settlements of Uzbekistan, also developed manufacturing of liquid gas cylinders.

First rate hydrocarbon fields such as Eastern Berdakh, Dayakhatin, Surgil, Kulbeshkak and others, already equipped by the production of JSC “Oil,Gas and Chemical Machineri Plant

For the first time in the history of Uzbekistan, by the technology of polish company “Famet”, JSC “Oil,Gas and Chemical Machineri Plant” has produced air heat exchangers which were used for modernization of compressor station “Kellog” at Kokdumalak gas field, also were produced equipments for propane-butane mixture set UPBS for “Shurtanneftegaz”.

Since 2010 year, within the framework of the program of localization 18 new types of production have been manufactured at enterprises of Stock company “Uzneftegazmash”.
Assumed obligations to discharge 40 projects of the Program of localization (manufacturing of desulfurization plant for Uchkir gas plant, Plant for production of butane-propane mixture for UDP “Shurtanneftegaz”, compensation equipment for 16-th, 17-th desulphurization blocks of Mubarek gas processing plant and mobile plant for explore drilling by request of OJC “Uzbekgeofizika”).

OJC “Bukhara repair and engineering plant” - branch of SC “Uzneftegazmash” manufacture spare parts for drilling equipment, base metal ware and vessels of circulation system of drilling rig. Stock of orders has been formed from the requests of number of oil and gas enterprises. Output volume of SC “Uzneftegazmash” localized production came to 37,5% by the whole volume of NHC “Uzbekneftegaz” localized production.

In the structure of SC “Uzneftegazmash” operates Joint ventures specialized in manufacturing of equipment and spare parts purchased earlier by import.

The unique technical facilities of “Uzneftegazmash” enterprises determined by their modern equipment from Russian federation, Germany and other foreign countries. Here applied production quality control facilities, developing of technological processes, design department, metrological and quality control departments, and well qualified personnel.

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